Friday, April 12, 2013

where's our april showers??

here we are, almost mid-april, and i keep seeing all of the other bloggers with their april showers, outside photos, and warmer weather clothing. here in atlantic canada, however, it's still cold. we're actually expecting another snowstorm this weekend, hopefully the last of the season.  while i love canada, and winter, by this time of year i'm pretty excited for the snow to melt and the mud to dry up.  my yard is a mud-pie heaven.  i can't leave the house without wearing my wellies. or at least, i wouldn't recommend it, seeing as i'd just muck up shoes and boots. 

 although i have to admit, now that i'm blogging again, i do like several locations in my house for photos... especially with the mint green walls as a background.  it's the perfect complimentary colour for most of my wardrobe.

on another note, i seem to be getting the hang of eyeliner. this is a huge accomplishment for me, as it's been my nemesis for months now.  i like that subtle cat-eye look, and it seems if (that's a big 'if') i can manage to get one eye done successfully, then i mess up the other... which leads to adjusting the first good eye... and eventually both are a mess and i need to start over.  

 i don't wear eyeliner to work, so i actually applied this yesterday just for these photos, because i honestly thought the outfit needed it.  it took me only a few minutes to have both eyes looking equal.  i've tried pencil eyeliner, liquid eyeliner, and just recently, gel eyeliner.  i heard good reviews on the maybelline eye studio gel eye liner, and thought i'd give it a try.  it took a bit of getting used to, but i find it much easier to work with than pencil or liquid.  while i liked the fine tip of the liquid, it seemed to always go dry on me. perhaps the angle i was holding it at? in any case, it wasn't working well for me with the little cat eye flick at the end.

      dress: vintage
      pearls: anniversary gift from him
      belt: forever 21
      shoes: lulu's
      tights: c/o chicwish

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  1. Love Love Love everything about this post! Your dress, your tattoo, your eyes!

    I hate having prominent eyelids, eyeliner is so not dramatic on me at all.

    You look great!