Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Retiring tights...

i'm not sure if lighting or wishful thinking is to blame, but when i got dressed yesterday morning, i swear these tights weren't this bright. but they are. which i discovered when i got to work and i was under florescent lighting.

i've had these tights for the better part of a year, and i keep trying to make them work... but truthfully, they just don't.  i ordered them online, and they looked much more rust. the name also suggested a more rusty brown orange shade. 'sienna'. that to me doesn't scream orange. but when they arrived, they were indeed orange.

i have no problems with bright colours. i love wearing colours. but for some unknown reason, i have a hard time wearing bright or pastel tights, even with a more neutral dress.  so yesterday, when i put this dress on and was looking at my tights selection, i thought to myself, "well, there's oranges in the dress, so i'll try these tights." i think it was a mistake, and took away from the colours and prettiness of this dress. it may also be that i'm just used to more neutral based tights.  i think it's time to retire these tights and just suck up the $18 loss.

also, you'll notice the room i'm in is a new 'blog' room.  it's the room i mentioned in the fall that we're trying to change/update.  we've decided to make it more of a study, so there's lots of wood furniture, ships, paintings... and whiskey. lots and lots of whiskey.

we found this old tube radio on kijiji (canadian version of craigslist) for $40.  i think it's the best $40 ever spent.  we're going to convert it into a bar, as you may have guessed.  there was a turntable inside, which Dominic has already removed.  we'll leave the doors open, and have glasses and straws, etc. inside, and the bottles up-top.

we're still on the hunt for more furniture for the room, and we'll be painting the walls soon. it's definitely a work in progress.

     dress: modcloth
     tights: american apparel
     shoes: spring
     earrings: ruche


  1. Au contraire - they look fabulous especially in the last shot. I also just did a browse of past posts and reckon you are a champion of coloured tights, so I don't believe you! K

  2. Those shoes are amazing! Love your outfit.