Wednesday, April 17, 2013

goodbye ruby tuesday...

being fair skinned, i was always a fan of wearing red.  i like that 'pop' it gives to my complexion.  lately, i seem to be adding more and more of it to my closet.  i love red dresses and i feel sort of glamorous when i wear them... but i've come to love to accessorize with red.  red shoes, red sweaters, red belts, red tights, red nail polish, red lipstick! red red red!

this poor red cardigan could be worn every single day.  i tend to pull it out with anything cream, blue or mint, ready to instantly brighten an outfit... and then i'll realize, "oh, i wore that yesterday", and back in the closet it goes.  at this point i'm stumped with how to accessorize my outfit, because my heart was set on red.

this bowling pin is a new favourite purchase of mine.  and of course, i almost always wear it when i wear my red cardigan.  it's just so suiting. it makes me want to join a bowling league! or at least, go bowling. at which point i would probably put this pin to shame...

 what added to my red obsession yesterday was that i had 'ruby tuesday' stuck in my head, and was humming it for most of the night.  even in songs, it seems red appeals to me.

     dress: forever 21
     cardigan: pseudio
     shoes/pin: modcloth
     tights: american apparel

with that, i'll leave you with a little ruby tuesday, which i'm still humming to...


  1. Good thing you love red because it looks amazing on you!

  2. I just found your blog and I love it! You have a great style:)

  3. That is such a fun cardigan! No wonder you pair it with so much :D