Thursday, April 18, 2013

very berry...

continuing with my red theme... i ended up accessorizing with it again yesterday.  i've had this dress for almost two years, and it's the first time i've paired it with red accessories.  normally i stuck to a navy cardigan or tan cardigan (i did actually wear the tan yesterday with this), olive or burgundy tights, brown shoes. yesterday i was still on my red-kick, so i switched it up a bit.

 i even chose a new colour of tights.  i'm quite proud of my thinking-outside-of-the-bubbleness lately.  i tend to have various go-to outfits, or at least a go-to way to style certain items, as i mentioned above.  what i missed most about blogging is the conscious effort to not wear the same items the same way you normally would... i mean, who wants to see photos of constant repeat outfits?? once in a while, sure, you can get away with a repeat outfit and skipping a day of posting.

i own two trollied dolly dresses with strawberries.  last year, i didn't wear this one very often.  this year i seem to be into food inspired clothing, so it's been pulled out of the closet again.  i've been stalking this dress on modcloth for months, hoping for a restock.  i've recently discovered that the fabric is discontinued, so unless one dress is miraculously returned, it wont be added to my closet.  this was my second choice, which i love. the price of the first was a bit more in my budget, but i've decided since i'm getting a tax return this year, i'll treat myself to this little bernie dexter treat.

i think right now, if i could fill my closet with clothes full of berry/pie/cupcake/sundae/fruit/veggie prints, i really and truly would.

     dress: trollied dolly
     shoes: modcloth
     tights: american apparel
     belt: forever 21
     lipstick: tarte LipSurgence matte lip tint in fiery red (worth every penny)

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  1. I forgot you had that dress! It's so should let me borrow it! ;)

    Love it with the red belt too!