Friday, April 19, 2013

bows and aprons...

 i ordered this pretty bow from etsy a couple of weeks ago on a whim.  i've recently started following new blogs, including kate and marisa, who always have fun hair with daring accessories.  i thought 'maybe i can pull that off too.'  so, here i am, with this new bow.

my first question was, do i wear it in the front?

 or in the back? (which made me think of 'business in the front and party in the back', the old mullet motto)... 

so i opted for the front. for these photos anyhow.  i haven't actually worn it out yet, i feel i need to test the waters casually, on the weekend, around the house... 

i also made a fun discovery.  the colours of the flowers in the bow are very similar to the flowers on a vintage apron i thrifted a few weeks ago!!

 i just *had* to put the apron on for some photos.  honestly, this outfit makes me want to invite a bunch of gal pals over to bake, just so i can wear this outfit.

 or at the very least, i'll bake up some treats for dominic while wearing this, and at least feel cute doing so.

     bow: etsy shop worldly delight
     dress: ruche
     belt: from another dress
     tights: american apparel
     shoes: hand me downs from melissa (originally from aldo)
     apron: thrifted
     lipstick: clinique colour surge butter shine lipstick in adore you


  1. That bow (and apron) were made for you!!

  2. So pretty. I love the little yellow flowers, and it looks perfect with the apron! I love both front and back options! It looks darling on you!

    xox Sammi