Saturday, April 20, 2013

mint and peach comeback...

straight hair is something you'll rarely see me with.  i'm much more of a wavy/curly/messy hair kind of girl.  straight hair usually means one of three things: 1. i didn't have time to curl it; 2. i did curl it, and the weather (usually extreme windiness) caused the curls to fall; or in the case of yesterday's photos, 3. i went to the hair dresser.

i'm still leaving my hair long, although i do keep having an urge to cut it above the shoulders, so a trip to the hair dresser means a trim. what we like to call a 'dusting'. just the very ends, and a bang trim/reshape.  

this is the first time i'm blogging this top, even though i've worn it several times.  i absolutely love it.  i ordered it with the thought that it's great for summer on the bike.  it's sheer, and sleeveless, so that means when we stop and i take off my jacket, its still very me, girly and vintagey but it'll be great to cool down in with the hot sunny days.

 i've been having a hard time finding an outfit to wear it with aside from jeans.  if you've been reading my blog for some time, you might remember that last year i realized how great mint and peach look when worn together.  i wasn't as confident pairing the top with this skirt, because the flowers are very pink-toned, not peachy. pairing it with this skirt was a desperate attempt to dress it up, but it actually ended up working! my intentions are to eventually (hopefully sooner than later) order this skirt to pair it with. but for the time being, i'm happy i found a temporary, pretty solution.

i even managed to go an extra notch and pair it with burgundy tights! i kept looking at the top, trying to find a brown or gray shade that i could match with tights, as i'm so matchy-matchy.  i was running out of time, so i grabbed these and thought, 'they might work'. and they did! this may end up being a new favourite outfit.

     top, pin, tights: modcloth
     shoes: b.a.i.t. footwear
     skirt: ruche
     caridgan: american eagle

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