Monday, April 22, 2013

where's waldo??

can you find 'waldo' in this post??

i can! this was my 'casual friday' work outfit last friday. i was called 'waldo' multiple times.  not the look i was going for.  i also wore this top a few weeks ago with a blue skirt, in which case i was referred to as waldo's gal pal, wenda! 

only one coworker got the whole 'nautical theme' i was going for, with red stripes, dark jeans, and gold anchor earrings.  at least it wasn't a complete fail!   but waldo/wenda or not, i love this outfit, and it's one of my favourite 'jeans' outfits.

i'm not much of a jeans person. or pants in general.  i much prefer dresses.  however, i love these jeans.  i liked the idea of the high waist for motorcycling-purposes, but the fact that they were still dark and vintagey. when i got them in, i just loved the fit.  they're actually very flattering for a curvy figure, enhancing and complimenting the shape of your body, with a 70s vibe to them.

i may have to order them in the lighter version as well, just because i have a feeling they're about to become my go-to biker jeans.

     jeans/top: modcloth
     shoes: chelsea crew
     belt: came with a dress
     glasses: forever 21
     watch: guess


  1. Oh those jeans are fantastic!! They look simply amazing on you and I love the cut of them-good high waisted jeans are so difficult to find these days. They look so perfect with some t-strap shoes. I'm in love with the glasses too-Oh goodness, I just love it all :) If you do look like waldo you certainly improved on his look by leaps and bounds!

  2. I was looking through the modcloth style gallery and found this photo..SO darling girl! I'm kind of obsessed with your hair and frames. Waldo wishes he looked this good! Love the collared striped top and those adorable shoes!