Wednesday, April 24, 2013

hat head...

today was a rainy day, but it didn't slow me down.  as with most weather, it just comes with accessories that i love.  umbrellas, you ask? not this time. hats! (and wellies, but i skipped them for this post).


there hasn't been a lot of rain lately, and i just see it as nature's way to help melt the leftover snow. it's time for it to be gone.  as i mentioned, i've been wearing wellies. a lot. my yard is a mud-pie haven.  it's slowly getting better, but by no means do i want to wear pretty shoes out there.  so today, adding a hat to my outfit was a 'rain' treat since the wellies are now a daily item.

i had a seminar today, hence the non-floral-a-bit-more-chic-i'm-wearing-pants outfit.  also hence the hat-head.  in and out of cars and buildings meant my hat was on and off a lot during the day.  and, yes, i ended up with hat head.  luckily it only seemed to happen between work and home, and my hair at work was normal... in that rainy day typical messy hair way.

 i'm not sure if you've noticed, but in the past few posts, i've been opting for a sharper, brighter edit on my photos, as oppose to the usual vintagey-flair that i normally go for.  thoughts? i'd love feedback on this one.  it's nice that the clearer edit portrays the true colours... but i love that vintagey warmth.

 i'm also truly envious of the majority of the bloggers that i follow.  i can't wait to take some photos outside in the natural lighting.  i'm running out of spots for indoor photos. especially seeing as i try to find a spot that's complimentary with my outfit.

     cardigan: ruche
     top: melissa's
     hat: american apparel
     pants: gap
     shoes: spring
     bag: cambridge satchel (gift)
     watch: guess


  1. I like your style and all your looks, you are charming!!

  2. I love the vintage edit, that picture is gorgeous!