Friday, April 26, 2013

shop my closet!

lately, i've been loving fellow bloggers 'shop my closet' options, and the ever growing instagram shops.  since moving last year, i've been adding items regularly to my 'get rid of' pile. sure, it's mostly house-hold items that we have duplicate of, or that we've replaced. but there's also quite a bit of clothes in there as well.  while some of it is a bit more used/old, a lot of it is in fantastic shape, barely worn.

and so i've decided to start my own 'shop my closet' in an attempt to sell some of it and make a bit of money to add some new work outfits to my closet in their place.  any items with stains or flaws have been noted to the best of my ability so as people know what they're purchasing.

so with that, you can find my Shop My Closet in the right hand sidebar. any questions are always welcome :) who knows, maybe an instagram shop will be happening soon as well!

     dress, belt: forever 21
     vest: ruche
     tights: joe fresh
     shoes: from a random online shop... not sure :(
     watch: guess

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