Monday, April 29, 2013

country girl...

friday was a beautiful day. one of the first warmer, sunny days we've had so far this spring.  so when i got home from work, and was about to take some outfit photos for my blog, we noticed our 'neighbours' were outside enjoying the weather as well.

aren't these guys beauts?? the red one is new, and was a little shy to come right over to the fence for me to pet him.  i need to stock up on some sugar cube treats for them.  

this is one of the things i love about my home, and living in the country.  i was nervous at first about moving next to horses, with my dog never having been around them.  the first few days, hendrix was skeptical of them, and would bark, especially if they were running or trotting.  but now, they all happily ignore each other.

this past weekend was filled with friend-activities.  it was such a fun weekend! friday was a girls night, where we got together to create some purple drinks that was spotted on pinterest.  we realized that we forgot to bring the cranberry juice that it called for, so we had to modify it with some cherry slushy from a local convenient store.  the result: yummy, but insanely potent.  somehow we also ended up with three big dips to snack on with only four girls.  it was such a fun night, filled with laughs, and the best suicidal fish story i've ever heard.  i'd love to share it, but it's one of those stories that's funniest in the moment.  i tried to retell it to dominic when i got home, and while i was still laughing at it, he looked at me like i had three eyes.

saturday night was a night we had on our calendars for over a month now.  a local group was playing at a small pub near our house.  The Backyard Devils.  if you've never heard of them, i'd recommend checking them out.  they're what i like to call 'great beer drinking music'.  a group of four, with two singers (tom and eric) with completely different vocal sounds.  (check out the youtube videos i linked!)

yesterday was another gorgeous day, and when a few of our friends dropped in on their bikes, we decided we should head out for a little ride as well.  it was my first of the season, and even with it being warm out, it definitely called for bundling up with a lot of layers.  it was so nice to get out on the bike.  i've been waiting for a nice day to go out on it, so i'd really enjoy it.  now i'm even more anxious for summer to get here!

all in all, a fabulous weekend, with a lot of fun and not enough sleep.  i think tonight is going to be a couch night!

      dress/shoes/pin: modcloth
      belt: forever 21
      cardigan: pseudio

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