Tuesday, April 02, 2013

let's recap...

 these past few months have been a good balance of busy & relaxing, spending lots of quality time with dominic and with our families.  i'm going to try to get back into the blogging routine, which i've been trying to do for a while, but honestly, i just end up finding something else to do with my time and it gets pushed to the back burner.  i miss the benefits of blogging though, like making a conscious effort to switch up my outfits and be more daring, taking lots of photos of everything to document life, and finding inspiration from other bloggers. so let's hope this helps me to get back on the band-wagon!

 january and february were spent snowshoeing and enjoying the snow we managed to get.  this year, we had much less snow accumulate compared to other years, and some colder temperatures.  it meant less days spent outdoors with the fun winter activities in NB.  we also celebrated dominic's 25th birthday, and we participated in the Heart and Stroke Foundation's Skate for Heart.  it's always nice to give your time to a good cause.


march marked our one year anniversary of the day we met.  we did little surprises for each other, spoiled each other, and spent a beautiful day together celebrating. it was everything a girl would hope for :)

march was also a month where i faced a really difficult week.  my kitty, chloe, was sick.  i woke up one morning, after she spent a few days being quite nauseous, to a lot of blood.  it was terrifying.  we did an emergency trip to the vet, and i was thinking the worst.  after multiple tests, and being inconclusive as to what happened or caused it, we came home with some remedies, hoping for the best.  she was back to herself, and i was watching her like a hawk.  a few days later called for another vet trip, but less serious.  knock on wood, she's been improving and seems good.  she's almost 14, and she's been with me since a week after i graduated high school.  she's been a constant in my life, moving with me to different cities, new beginnings, facing everything with me.  i'm confident she'll be with me for many other milestones :)

 this winter was also the perfect time for some new ink.  one to represent my grandparents, who will forever be in my heart, and one (which is still incomplete) just for me.

while i didn't do any new years resolutions, because let's face it, i don't stick to them, i did realize that it was time to do something about my weight-gain.  in two years, i've gained almost twenty pounds.  while it is pretty evenly spread out, and i do still fit into most of my clothes, some of my favourite dresses just don't fit the way they should. i joined weight watchers online in february, and have since lost 8 lbs.  i like that it's basically based on portion size, and very realistic to every day life.  i'm not religious with it, and i still eat food i love, so this is probably the reason i've been plateaued for several weeks. but i'm okay with that, and i'm in no rush to lose the weight. i'd rather do it slowly and have it be a lifestyle change than to diet now and gain again later.  what's nice is you can still go out with friends, have a drink, eat some snacks, and be within your point range. it makes it more motivating and feels less like cheating.

this past weekend had two mini-shopping trips in it, where i scored some awesome vintage pretties.  the house is slowly being updated with new items, and just keeps looking better and better.

 i've also spoiled myself with a few treats, such as this vintage polka dot dress, and the new b.a.i.t. ione's in mint.  i missed out on the ida's last year, and i just couldn't let the same happen with these pretties.

 we celebrated easter with our families and had a great holiday, with some warm and sunny temperatures over the weekend.  i'm hoping everyone else had a great weekend as well.


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  1. Yay for life recaps!!

    I had no idea about chloe :( glad she's feeling better!! xo!