Saturday, May 11, 2013

an updated wall...

 you all may remember from my house snaps that i put up an instagram photo wall last summer.  i had lots of instagram pics, and i wasn't sure what to do with them, and i had a lot of bare walls at the time, so the instagram wall was a perfect temporary solution.  but that's what it was. temporary.  while i liked the look of it, and having an assortment of photos up that were easy to change, i found the idea of taping photos to the wall just a bit 'studenty'.  not something to find in a home of a 30+ year old. not to mention that we decided to put up a family photo wall going up the stairs, which you can see a glimpse of in the photo below, so it looked quite busy.

so after thinking it through, and taking down the instagram wall to force my butt to find a better replacement, we agreed on another idea... 

a plate wall.  due to the slanting wall from the stairs, it's hard to find one or two large photos that would work and flow with the wall shape.  plates are easy to hang in any shape or form you wish.  so then we were off to find some plates that we liked and worked with the decor of our home.

 success! the local antique shop had lots of options, and we quickly found enough to start our wall. once they were up, we realized there were some we liked more than others (surprisingly, we BOTH prefer the floral patterns to the blue ships/homesteads).  so as we find new ones, we'll add to and replace some of the current plates.

we both much prefer the plate wall to the instagram wall.  it's another step to making a house that was briefly just mine, to a home that's ours.

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