Monday, May 13, 2013

mother's day happenings...

 yesterday was mother's day... and celebrate it we did. with a visit to my grandmother first, then off to dinner with my parents.  while i try to make certain both of my parents always know how appreciated they are, i do like having a day that's set aside to make them feel extra special and pampered.

it's also nice as a fur-mama. i know, it's not the same as having a child, nor do i pretend that it is.  but these little fur kids still rely on us to take care of them, to love them and shelter them.  i feel especially grateful to have all three of my fur kids to love this year, after having a scare with chloe this past winter.

yesterday at dinner was the first time a stranger (our waitress) was inside my personal bubble due to my tattoos.  it's something i've witnessed happening to dominic lots of times, as he has a lot of tattoos.  i've had comments on them, or friends take my arm and look at it.  but a stranger, who i've never seen before, took my arm, pushed up my sleeve, and commented on it.  while she did like the tattoo, she said that if she had her camera, she would take a photo of it.  what people seem to forget is that a tattoo is on a person, and you still need to respect that person's space and privacy. i now understand dominic's frustration when it happens to him.

    on me:                                                 
     dress/shoes: ruche, cardigan: pseudio, bandana: etsy, belt: forever 21
on my mama:
top/skirt: rw&co, watch: michael kors, shoes: seychelles

 two of my three furkids wanted to wish everyone a happy fur-mama's day as well :) 

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