Tuesday, May 28, 2013

mini mouse bows and happy dresses...

i love head scarfs.  i'm finally getting the hang of wearing them 50s pin up style, with my hair up, and just a little knotted tie in the front. that took some getting used to.  i've also been wearing them with maiden braids or top knots, as in yesterday's post.  but recently, i keep noticing girls wearing them in little bows.  as usual, i love the look on them, so i feel the need to try it for myself.

 i'm not going to lie, i feel a bit like mini-mouse with the bow.  i'm sure it doesn't help that it's polka dotted either. i'm sure it's like with anything else, and i just need to get used to it. i also think that once my bangs are trimmed (tomorrow, thank goodness) that i'll like the look better.

i have to say that this is one of my favourite dresses.  i rarely wear it in the fall/winter, even though it's easy colours to winterfy (is that a word??), it's just so magically summery.  it's a dress that i feel pretty in, it flatters my shape, and the colour brings out my eyes.  i tend to wear it often on little dates with dominic. which makes me like the dress that much more, because when i have it on, i'm reminded of all of these happy moments. 

and might i just add that i think this is now a favourite spot for picture-taking.  i know it's busy, with the plates, suitcases, and photo wall... and the love seat manages to make it's leg and arm appear in each picture... but it's just such a pretty spot in the house (if i do say so myself), and it tends to compliment my dresses!

     dress: trollied dolly
     lace jacket/shoes/scarf: ruche
     tights: joe fresh (superstore)


  1. I love that Trollied Dolly dress on you! So pretty. And I love the head scarf on you. I can't get the hang of wearing them. Is this one just fabric, or is there wire in it? I have a million of them lying around (since they came free with so many ModCloth orders for a while), and I can't figure out how to wear them!

    xox Sammi

  2. Hi Sammi,

    It's just a fabric one. It's an actual scarf: http://www.modcloth.com/shop/scarves/bow-to-stern-scarf-in-mustard-dots

    i have three versions of it, and just love it! :)

  3. I think every time you post an outfit I think, 'that's my favorite outfit on you!'...but really, this is my favorite outfit on you! LOVE!

  4. That's the great thing about fashion, being able to experiment with different styles. I even have more fun adding accessories like your hair bow! I enjoy mixing and matching handbags, belts, and jewelry to spark up my mini dresses. I like to grab more attention with colorful footwear whether it be stilettos, heels, flats, or wedges. Be bold, be unique, set your own trends!