Wednesday, May 29, 2013

messy hair and flowy skirts...

yesterday we finally managed to see some sun! while it's only been a week of rain and cloudiness, it seemed like it was forever since we had sun shining. unfortunately i only got around to taking these pictures at almost 9:00pm, so i was limited for spots that were still bright enough for outdoor pictures.  i had planned on *finally* taking out my nikon and stop using my iphone as my main camera... but the days events didn't allow for it. soon, i promise!

when i bought this dress for christmas, i didn't realize how often i'd wear it.  normally my 'event' dresses are worn once or twice, and sit in my closet, just waiting for another event to wear them to.  this dress was such a good purchase! i'm quite proud of myself.  it's so easily dressed up or down, and i feel great when i wear it. i think all flowy skirts have that effect on me.

i don't know what's worse in these photos... the quality, or my hair.  i wish all of my hair would grow as fast as my bangs.  i know it probably does, but it feels like my hair takes forever to grow a centimeter, whereas my bangs are way too long after a few weeks of getting them cut.  if i didn't have a hair appointment tonight, i definitely would be trimming them myself this week, but i kept telling myself i could wait and have them cut properly.  it takes me about 10 minutes to snip 1 mm off my bangs, i swear. i cut them with the scissors vertical, not across. and it's just a 'dusting' as i call it. so little comes off, because i'm scared to cut them too short. does anyone else have such a hard time trimming their bangs??

     dress: heartbreaker fashion
     cardigan: pseudio
     shoes/pin: modcloth
     belt: forever 21
     tights: walmart


  1. Love the dress with this cardigan over it - it has such a great collar! And trimming my bangs is the bane of my existence, though actually they sometimes come out better when I cut them than when my hairdresser does! I cut them across, which does make them uneven at times, haha. Your way is probably much smarter!

    xox Sammi

  2. i love that little red sweater you have paired with the white dress! just reminds me of picnics in the spring time!

    lindsey louise