Monday, June 03, 2013

bandanas and wellies...

lately i'm loving bandanas.  especially on day three hair, when it has to be pinned up.  it's such a fun way to dress up an up-do. it took me a while to get used to wearing one, and where to tie it on my head.  i have a high forehead, and my bangs start pretty far back, so i always have a hard time finding a comfortable spot for the bandana.  i'm getting better at it though.

 so basically it's been raining since last week.  thursday we left on the bike to go to fredericton (about 4 hours south) to see Old Crow Medicine Show.  we debated until the very last minute: bike vs car.  the weather was calling for rain in most parts of the province on thursday, tapering off in the afternoon, with a chance of thundershowers friday.  BUT it was mild thursday, and friday was 30+ degrees everywhere... so, i thought we should take the bike, since friday was the only nice day for the bike lately, and it's been raining since. i won. we took the bike. and boy was it a good idea.  we didn't get rained on once! 

we had to stop about half way to apply sun screen, because amazingly the sun decided to make an appearance on the journey thursday. we get in fredericton. it's BEAUTIFUL. we walk around downtown, grab supper, and head to the concert, which was in a farmers market.  it was awesome. small venue, great music... but it was so hot. sticky-sweaty hot. but worth it. friday was even hotter and sunny most of the day. we were definitely happy with our choice of transportation! it's so fun when everything works out like that! 

however, as you can see from the pictures, it's back to wellies and raincoats this week. 

      dress: forever 21
      cardigan: ruche
      bandana: etsy
      tights: american apparel
      wellies: gift

yesterday we wished my dad a happy 60th birthday! it was a fun evening, with just the family, too much seafood, and then topped with yummy cake! :)

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  1. So glad that you had a good time but it's good to see you wearing your Wellies again you always look so yummy when you've got your Wellies on and I fancy the pants off you.