Tuesday, June 04, 2013

mustard and mint...

two things. first, welcome back DSLR! i finally put my iphone down and hauled out my actual camera. laziness is no excuse for bad photos. second, mustard and mint. need i say more? love. why have i not worn this combo before?? i was on the hunt for aqua/light blue tights to pair with this dress, but now with my new mint/mustard discovery, i'm not sure it's necessary. and third, the sun is out!! oops, that's three things, not two. oh well, it's okay, because the sun is out!

 it's so odd. the warmer, greener days are here, and it seems like my instinct is to pull out fall-ish clothes. i keep pulling out a red peplum dress and plaid blazer, and when i do, i think, that's not very summery. so i put it back. i'm sure one of these days you'll see it on the blog, as eventually i'll cave and wear the combo. but even this mustard dress... it screams fall. however, it's forcing me to try new colours with my 'fall' clothes, to try to make them more suitable for spring/summer. so i guess it's a good thing. (write that down martha steward).

 so while finally using my dslr yesterday, let me also point out that dominic wasn't home. so i also had to use the tripod and self timer. seems like no big deal. and really it isn't, usually. however, add that to the fact that i chose to take my pictures in a more wooded area, which dominic recently cleared out, and the soil is pretty loose... in heels. then add to that the moss covered log that caught my eye and was the reason for this location. all in all it worked out, without any falls, but it was definitely a race to get from the camera to my location, and i had a lot of "blooper" photos. 

     dress: modcloth
     cardigan/belt: forever 21
     tights: we love color
     shoes: spring

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