Wednesday, June 05, 2013

furniture shuffling & a vintage dress...

last weekend, we bought quite a bit of 'new' furniture.  we just seemed to hit the jackpot, and i'm hoping to hit it again this weekend! while we already had the sofa and matching chair in these photos, we did find the new chair i'm sitting in, among other things.  that basically lead to us shuffling around our existing furniture.  finally (FINALLY!!) the 'peach room' as we call it, is starting to feel like a study.  you can see some of the original look of the room over here.  we plan on painting it this summer as well, so that'll really help it feel more masculine.

so where did this lovely sofa move from? the porch. which now has a new dresser and chair added to it, and another chair that we shuffled out of this room. i'm telling ya, lots of shuffling happening! i'm debating between adding a bed in the corner of the porch (similar to rachel's), and creating a cozy nook, which would be great for reading, or even sleeping on the hot summer nights... or finding another couch or loveseat.  it definitely needs something more substantial than the four chairs that are currently in there (which will lead to more shuffling!).

 it's been almost a year since moving into our house, and it's definitely come a long way. i love how cozy it is, and how it's so 'us'. adding finishing touches and finding the perfect pieces to finish a room is so satisfying. i'm not sure what i'll do once it's all finished. but as they say, a house is never done. but i don't mind :)

     dress: etsy (allyhoot vintage)
     belt: forever 21
     shoes: ruche (old)

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