Thursday, June 06, 2013

bee hives and green dresses...

i've been wanting to attempt the faux-beehive style for some time, but i was lacking a key component: the puffy pony.  every tutorial i could find included this comb.  i figured i'd find it at sally's beauty store... no such luck. so naturally, i start looking online. they're about $6. great! except every shop i find that will ship to canada is $35-$43 shipping. for a tiny, $6 item! does that not seem outrageous to anyone else?? i live in canada, not antarctica!! so i figured i'd just attempt it without the comb, and see what happens.  while i couldn't get the height i was hoping for without the comb, it still turned out pretty good (in my opinion).  i back-combed my pony tail first, so that my hair wouldn't be too flimsy.  then i just used bobby pins to hold it in place, and a lot of hairspray. it did the trick, and lasted all day! i love finding new up-do options!

so this dress... i love this dress. a dark green dress just screams for pale complexion, red hair and green eyes. at least, they scream for me to buy them.  this is one of my favourite dresses in my closet, but i have a hard time creating outfits with it. i attempted to do colourful tights (here), but it just took away from the dress.  so this time, i decided to pair it with light gray tights.  there's different shades of gray in the flowers, so i thought this would be a nice, subtle pairing.  i like the effect much more than the bright orange tights, however i still feel that orange tights would be best... i just need to find the perfect shade of orange.

on that note, as you can see, the sun has returned.  unfortunately, the heat has not.  it's been sunny but cold and windy for the past few days.  i'm crossing my fingers that the temperatures heat up again soon. i'm ready for hot hot hot weather! perfect excuse for ice cream dates ;)

     dress/earrings: modcloth
     cardigan: forever 21
     shoes: chelsea crew
     tights: we love colors


  1. Are those tights grey? The way the set of against the dress makes them look mint or light sage. I've obviously got a thing about tights and this dress - I was the person who commented that the orange ones definitely didn't need retiring!

  2. yes, they are grey. i definitely do need mint ones though! :)