Wednesday, May 01, 2013

pioneers and medicine women...

when i first looked at these photos, i couldn't help but feel like i was dressed like someone... after a few hours, it dawned on me... Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman! i had a bit of a giggle when i came to this conclusion. i was half tempted to change my shoes to lace up ankle boots to look the pioneer woman part even more!

this is another very twirlable skirt, and i was having fun twirling in it yesterday.  i've said it before, but twirling makes me so happy that i've actually purchased skirts and dresses because of their twirl factor.  and i was pretty excited to actually get a real twirl in, not a failed-attempt-almost-tumbling-in-the-bushes kind of twirl like my experience with the green dress!

 i'm sure you've noticed that i've been sporting these tights fairly often lately.  i feel like with longer skirts/dresses, opaque tights feel 'heavy' on the bottom, so i've been opting for these nude with polka dot ones as a solution.  while they are super cute, and i love that you sometimes get a glimpse of the garter detail at the thigh, these have got to be the most uncomfortable tights of life.  it's odd, because i own this pair and a black pair, both the same brand/size, and the black ones are great.  i thought i might have had a fluke pair, but i bought a second pair of each after practically shredding them both... they're pretty fragile, and you have to be careful pulling them up. but these are super short yet again.  i wear them because they're pretty, but by the end of the day, i'm some happy to take them off. it might be that i'm spoiled by the comfort level of american apparel tights.  those are worth the $17 a pair.

 i'd also like to mention that this floppy hat has become my umbrella, and i'm feeling like it would be justified to order it in other colours to match various outfits... that makes sense, right? i was asked last week, "i love your hat! what would you call that hat??"... my reply, "i call it a floppy hat."  so technical.

     top/skirt/tights/peter pan collar necklace: modcloth
     hat: american apparel
     belt/cardigan: forever 21
     shoes: aldo (super old)



  1. So pretty!!! I love that skirt, and you totally do look like Dr. Quinn but in the best possible way!! :)

    xox Sammi

  2. How cute! Saw this on Modcloth- love this look! Following <3 Alex