Wednesday, May 15, 2013

lady tie twirls...

yesterday i woke up really wanting to wear my lady tie.  it's something i bought to go with a specific dress, and i rarely wear it, but i love it! so my goal yesterday was to find a new outfit to pair it with.  it took a few tries, hence my lack-of-time-to-do-my-hair-so-its-straight.  

i was a bit torn with this outfit at first, feeling it was a bit 'school-girl'... but it grew on me during the day. i told myself if i could find more outfits to wear this lady tie with, i could buy myself another, more neutral one. i feel like i carried out that task pretty well, and i'm looking forward to trying it with other outfits now.

so now that i'm *regularly* blogging again, i'm always looking for new locations around the house for photos.  i realized yesterday that our shed/shop is pretty cute, with that old window frame sitting on a shelf. so i thought that would make for a cute and different location. until i realized that the wood i was standing on was pretty old and starting to rot...

that face? that's not the result of hendrix... that's the result of my little kitten heel puncturing through the wood. yikes! time to replace that! last year was pretty hectic, with the purchase of a new home, painting, moving, new love... this year will be a year to do a few fixer-ups around the house and yard.  dominic has already started clearing a lot of over-grown bushes, trimming trees... we have an ever-growing list of to-do's and new projects to undergo. i'm predicting another busy summer!

 and, of course, i just had to twirl in this dress. flowy pleated skirts make for pretty sweet twirls.  and i just love how in the second photo i look like i'm pretending to be an airplane. maybe i was ;)

     dress: modcloth
     belt: forever 21
     shoes: bait footwear
     cardigan: pseudio
     lady tie: flappergirl

(really loving this new app)


  1. You look adorable! I bought a lady tie (a mint one) a while back but have yet to wear it! None of my dresses with collars seem to look quite right with it! I'll need to get something I can wear it with :)

    xox Sammi