Thursday, May 16, 2013

pretty pin curls...

i love vintage. that`s no secret to anyone who knows me, or who reads this blog. or, let`s be honest, glances at this blog.  but my  vintage-fashion was for the 50s-60s.  full skirts, swing dresses, the occasional wiggle dress, if i was feeling a bit more daring.  but lately i`ve been intrigued by the earlier 1900s... especially the 40s. 

a few weeks ago, after finding some new blogs to follow, with great 40s style clothing and hair, i decided to give it a try.  i followed a tutorial, pin curling my hair after a shower one night, and then sleeping on it.  i was so excited to wake up the next morning and brush out my pin curls, and have that 40s style.  the result? poodle hair. super pouffy, really tight, poodle curls.  it was awful.  i tried to brush them out, put in some defrizzer... no luck. my quick fix was to do a maiden braid, so that all of it was concealed. 


live and learn. attempt number two went MUCH better.  i tried it on completely dry hair.  same idea, pin curled it all, tied a kerchief around it, and slept.  the result was gorgeous.  or at least it was this morning.  something you probably haven`t realized is that how i look in my blog pictures, which i take when i get home from work, is 99% of the time not how i looked when i left the house in the morning.  my  hair gets messier and messier throughout the day.  it`s probably due to the fact that i don`t use much product.  my hair routine is wash, Moroccan oil on the ends, dry, and curl.  day two, add dry shampoo.  day three, put it up in a top knot, sock bun, or maiden braid.  

so this morning, when i was finished getting ready, i thought i`d snap a quick picture of what my hair looks like right away, so you can see the true dry-pin-curl effect. i absolutely love it.  it held up pretty well throughout the day.  my bangs did flatten, and some of the curl fell, but i think had i done it on freshly washed hair, and not day old hair, it may have stayed fresher.

i`ll keep that in mind for next time. but overall, it`s a great new hairstyle that will definitely become a regular for me.  while i admit, i felt awkward this morning with my uber short bangs, curled under, looking like a child, throughout the day it grew on me and i ended up feeling quite glamorous.  it took about 10 minutes to pin curl at night, and just a few minutes to brush out the next morning. so easy!

     dress: vintage
     coat and scarf: ruche (similar scarf available at modcloth and on etsy)
     shoes: spring shoes

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  1. Absolutely love the hair!
    And those shoes look great with that dress!