Monday, June 10, 2013

rainy day lilacs...

the weekend brought more rain... which allowed for some major house cleaning, laundry, a bit of shopping with mom, and some laziness and move-watching.  i'm not going to lie, it was nice to blame the laziness on the dreary weather.  i noticed the lilacs were *almost* bloomed, and i got a little over-zealous. i just couldn't help it. i only cut a few, enough to put in one little jar for a bit of fresh lilacy goodness in the living room

when i bought this house last year, it was winter when i first saw it, and spring when i purchased it, so nothing was in bloom.  it was such a nice surprise to have lilacs, strawberries and tame raspberries.  there's also some other flowers that smell lovely as well.  unfortunately, the strawberries are gone this year. we've decided to plant a garden of our own, so we tilled the strawberry patch, which took up about half of the garden.  i guess that's another perk of buying an older home... the trees and flowers are already pretty substantial and i'm not starting everything from scratch.  along with the veggie garden, we're thinking of planting some apple trees in the front yard this fall.  it's so exciting, planting things and making it your own :)

      dress: ruche
      hat: american apparel
      boots: gift
      cardigan: forever 21
      tights: we love colors

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