Tuesday, June 11, 2013

minnie mouse and sunny days...

 yesterday was a beautiful, sunny summer day. even though technically it's still spring. it killed me to be in the office all day, when all i wanted to do was be outside and enjoy the weather. when i got home, the first thing i did was rip off my tights and cardigan (my office is air conditioned, so i dress like it's winter most of the year)... and debate how to spend our sunny day. as i mention, our soon-to-be garden is tilled, but we haven't yet planted. dominic picked up everything for it yesterday, so we really *should have* worked on the garden. but it was just SO nice. i feel my argument was valid though. the sun is supposed to be shining all week (can i get a whoop whoop??!), but yesterday's temperatures were supposed to be the highest. therefore, i thought it would be best spent on the bike. and i think i was right. it was so nice! i didn't even need a jacket. sleeve blouse, with the sun on my arms (with 100 spf also on them). it was a perfect monday evening!

 when we got home, we watched the season finale of game of thrones. i've already read the first three books, and was on the fourth when i put it aside for a break, so i knew what was going to happen. did it matter? nope. i was still all worked up. and now i can't wait for season 4 to start because of all the craziness in that book! and it's so far away. thankfully i'll have dexter season 8 to distract me, and summer, then sons of anarchy. i'm really sounding like a tv junkie in this post. i'm not so bad. we watch them all on netflix or online, so we watch them when we have time to watch a couple in a row, like a movie.

and this dress... i wore it to my little birthday party a few weeks ago, and my cousin M comes over to me, sits next to me, and tells me i look just like minnie mouse.  then she realizes that maybe that wasn't a nice thing to say, that i look like a mouse (she's 5), so she then says "i mean your dress looks like minnie mouse's dress auntie j, not that YOU look like minnie mouse." i have to admit, she has a point. it is a very minnie mouse-esque dress. what can i say? that mouse has great style. polka dots and bows? a dream wardrobe indeed.

     dress/belt: forever 21
     shoes: spring

someone decided she (finally) wanted to make a cameo appearance to my blog :)


  1. What beautiful photos! Love the dress and horses. You look so lovely. Thanks for sharing! Xo, M&K at brewedtogether.com

  2. These are adorable! Love the dress and the photos <3 Alex