Thursday, June 13, 2013

work with me...

i felt it was about time to showcase my work with me dress from modcloth.  they've carried this dress for some time, in a variety of colours and patterns.  the reviews on each of the dresses are amazing. everyone just seems to love this dress. and if you look at the photos, people style it so many ways. so i figured i should take the plunge and order one. easy to dress up for events or down for work.  i debated between the black and the red for weeks, and finally decided i needed the red. good choice, in my opinion.  i get complimented every time i wear it. and the best part? it's super comfortable. (since when did i get practical and care about comfort??) i like to pair it with a lace jacket. it's dresses it up a bit for work, and covers my tattoos when i want them covered.


next is a little confession time. i'm not sure about all bloggers, but i have to admit, most of what i wear in my pictures isn't what i wear all day.  the dress, yes. and i know i've admitted to wearing tights and cardigans almost every day to work, and sometimes i'll take them off for my blog photos...  but the shoes? most of the time, no. i have an office job, so i'm sitting at my desk for the better part of the day. heels at work? sure. on days where i figure i won't be running around too much, i'll opt for higher ones, like i did today. but in reality, i don't wear them to/from work. or on errands. or if i was to stop for groceries. etc. above you'll see my work/blog shoes vs. my to and from shoes. minnetonkas. can you beat them?? they are the most comfortable thing. and i know they don't really go with my outfit, but they're just so amazing.

     dress: modcloth
     shoes/lace jacket: ruche
     watch: guess

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