Thursday, July 18, 2013

a new dress and ombré hair...

This dress. I bought this dress for several reasons. 1. It's main colour is mint green (self explanatory to anyone who knows me. 2. I love this style, sleeveless shirtdress with a full skirt. 3. It reminded me of the "My Kind of Pie" dress that I stalked at modcloth for months and months, hoping it would come back in stock. So with all of these reasons to love this dress, I ordered it. And man, is it ever worth the money. The fabric is thick cotton/spandex blend, and it just happens to fit like it was made for me (maybe it was??).  As luck would have it, this dress arrived in my mailbox (from the UK) on Monday (the shipping was SO QUICK!!).  Guess what came back in stock Tuesday?? After months and months, the pie dress. I'm sure you're not surprised to find out that yes, I did order it. I mean I had to, right?

It was also hair appointment day, hence the straight hair. Just a trim... it was getting to the point that I couldn't see. Love bangs, but they grow so quickly!! Speaking of hair... I ombré-ed my hair myself. I was feeling a bit adventurous.  I normally do box colour my hair, as it's so much cheaper and I actually really like the colour... but to bleach it myself?? I never thought I'd do that.  I used the new Féria Wild Ombré by L'Oreal kit. It was so easy! I went with the lightest shade, as my hair is pretty light.  It's a bit yellowy blonde, and I debated using a toner to get some of the brassiness out... but then I found it didn't look awful, since my hair is an orangey-red.  In these photos, the blond looks all one shade, but in reality, it does get lighter as it gets closer to the ends. 

     dress: voodoo vixen (from audrey stars boutique,
     also available here and here)
     cardigan: american eagle (old, similar)
     shoes: chelsea crew (modcloth, no longer available)
     belt: forever 21
     hendrix's tartan collar: neckcandycollars on etsy


  1. SO many things about this post: 1) I've been eyeing that Voodoo Vixen dress and wanting it SO badly 2) I have also been stalking the My Kind of Pie dress for months and ordered it the day it came back in stock (holy cow, why did it take so long to come back?!?) and 3) I'm loving your ombre hair!! :)

    xox Sammi

  2. Your hair looks amazing. You're very brave to be doing ombre yourself, but it turned out really great!