Wednesday, July 17, 2013

to the circus we did go...

I'm never certain whether to call it a circus or a carnival.  Here in Eastern Canada, we call it a circus, even though a circus with tents and animals is also a circus.  No one (that I've ever heard) really uses the term 'carnival', or even 'fair' for that matter. We have circuses, and festivals. I guess it's a po-tay-to/po-tah-to sort of thing. 

I had to say I was impressed with this year's addition of a Fresh Lemonade Stand.  We've been having an extremely hot July, so that was the perfect treat while wandering around.  We also played a game, and I dominated!! Whoop whoop! (Although that wasn't actually our scores... the '700' game was broken. But I did still win! Honest!)

Dominic isn't a huge fan of the rides, so we only got on my favourite, the ferris wheel.  I also love the carousel (merry-go-round??), but unfortunately the carnies deem me too old to get on that one. I love the circus at night, with the lights all lit up and the kids running around, happy and laughing. It sort of reminds me of Christmas. 

I have to say, during the summer, we're on the road a lot, going to different places and seeing different things.  It's nice to be able to be at home and still be wow'ed by something as simple as a circus.  The location that they choose for this is so beautiful, being right on the river.  We took a little stroll just so we could really appreciate it's beauty from a distance. 

     dress: hell bunny (via modcloth)
     teapot pin: modcloth
     belt: forever 21
     flip flops: aldo

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  1. I love your dress! It's super cute. Looks great on you. I love Modcloth, too! And the pictures from the carnival are great. Or as you'd say the circus. :)