Tuesday, July 16, 2013

sometimes a dress is a shirt...

i love this skirt, and i bought it because i've been wanting an Essential Elegance skirt for some time, and this one went on sale. so i figured that it would be a good time to buy one. i don't have many skirts, and this was such a pretty blue that it seemed like a good option.  well, surprise surprise, i also don't have many tops.  we'll chalk this up to the fact that i'm dress-obsessed.  so while i've managed to wear this skirt a few times, it's always a challenge to find something to pair it with, and even then, it's never an outfit i love. 

until today. while looking through my closet this morning trying to come up with something different to wear, i realized that the blue in this dress was almost the exact blue as my skirt. why not try them together?  i've worn other dresses as shirts before.

i'm loving the result. if this dress also came as a blouse, i would buy it just to pair with this skirt.  while it's not obvious in these pictures, there was a bit of a bulge at my hips from having a dress layered under (which would've been less obvious with tights to tuck it down), and the fact that this skirt has two layers meant i had to pay attention each time i stood up to make certain all of my layers were in order.

     dress: trollied dolly
     skirt: modcloth
     shoes/earrings: ruche

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