Thursday, August 08, 2013

jewelry box treasures...

my mother came over a few days ago with what i consider to be an absolute treasure.  she held in her hand a pin. not just any pin. a red vintage telephone pin. it's a pin i had long forgotten, but as soon as i saw it, memories came flooding back.  i used to play with this pin when i was a little girl.  pretend to talk on it, pin it to my dolls dresses... i thought it was an absolute treasure at the time, sneaking it out of my grandmother's jewelry box.  and a few days ago, when my mother gave it to me, i still thought it was an absolute treasure. 

that pin got me thinking about my grandmother, and older times in general.  here at our house, we have a family photo wall filled with black and white photos of our parents and grandparents.  i always found black and white photos a wonder.  what were the colours of the clothing? the cars? even the hair and makeup? you could sit and guess to your heart's content, and the chances of you being right are so slim. 

 it's funny how something so seemingly minute as a telephone brooch can bring back so many memories and feelings, and make me miss my grandparents, and their house, so terribly.  but it's so nice to be able to feel that, especially at a moment when you aren't expecting it.

     top, belt, glasses: forever 21
     skirt: modcloth
     shoes: chelsea crew (lulu's)
     pin: grandmother's 

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