Wednesday, August 07, 2013

old orchard beach... a road trip...

this year's vacation plans changed quite a bit at the last minute.  our original plan was to take the bike to massachusettes.  i've always wanted to see salem, and there's so many beautiful spots nearby... martha's vineyard... cape cod... so that was our plan. head down to massachusettes, camp where and when we want to, see all those spots, maybe a little detour into old orchard beach, a stop in bangor and/or portland... those plans changed the night before we were scheduled to leave. dominic realized his swingarm (the part that keeps the back tire in place) on his bike was cracked. not safe! so we were left with a dilemma.  try to have it fixed asap (mind you it was the weekend, so not for a few days at least) and leave for our trip after that? skip our trip altogether? go with the car? 

so we opted to go with the car, but not as far.  that way we'd be home earlier in the week, with time to try to have the bike repaired.  we decided to go to old orchard beach, maine, for a few days.  still no specific plans, go with the flow, how we like it. 

the pier is gorgeous, and the sand is insane. not a rock to be seen! our first night arriving was gorgeous, and low tide, so we walked along the beach a bit that night. and i'm glad we did, because it rained every other day we were there.  (i'll post some instagram pics soon of Old Orchard at night).

not only was it raining, but even when it managed to stop, it was quite windy, as you can see :)  it made it a little challenging to grab some photos of us. but, we managed.

the one perk of taking a car in place of a bike is that we actually had room for shopping! no acorns strapped to a bike this year! and boy, did we shop.  we found this fantastic antique shop while looking for a movie theatre just outside of old orchard beach.  we pretty much filled up the car with unique items we'd probably never see again.

 after leaving old orchard beach, we made our way to cape elizabeth.  here, we found Fort Williams Park.  it consists of, as it states, a fort, as well as Head Light lighthouse and Goddard Mansion, built in 1853. 

On our last night, while heading back in the direction of home, but taking some scenic routes, two things happened. the sun came out! we were so excited to see some blue sky.  and almost at that exact moment, we found a skatepark in Augusta.  

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