Friday, September 20, 2013

birthday wish list...

it's almost that time again... my birthday! just over a month away now, and i've had people mentioning presents, plans, etc... so i thought i'd do my annual birthday wishlist... just for anyone out there who's stumped as to what to get me! 

this dress, via modcloth

i've been in love with these shoes for years!

vintage box 1947 has the prettiest hair accessories ever! (particularly this one, in red or yellow)

 swedish hasbeens... on my forever drool list, which i'll probably never own because they're so pricey. but these are just amazing!!

this hat is just too fun! and winter is fast approaching in Canada!

a kit cat clock!! this green girly one with pearls is just too 'me'

she & him's latest album. i debated getting this for a while, and i think it'd be great for just some mellow listening... 

some accessories from modcloth... a carousel pin, classic cameo earrings, and fun teacup earrings!

and lastly, this dress. god i love this dress. i've been coveting it for months, but haven't made the splurge (yet).

and there you have it. my 32nd birthday wishlist, as per usual, loaded with pretties, and surprise surprise, my two addictions: shoes and dresses. (ps, if anyone out there does decide to order me a special item from modcloth, don't forget to click the banner to the left, as i'm now an affiliate!)


  1. Great picks! I especially love the first dress. And Swedish Hasbeens are amazing! I literally just did a post featuring them too! I have 2 pairs and I'm itching to buy more. They are "almost" affordable if you find them on sale :)

    A Coin For the Well