Thursday, September 19, 2013

the one where my outfit matches my house...

not on purpose, my outfit matches my house... which is also where i chose to take today's blog photos. again, not on purpose. more because the sun was too bright anywhere else. however, i think it shows that clearly i like this colour combo (don't tell dominic, i've been pushing to paint the house a completely different colour!)

something arrived in the mail today that i've been both excited and nervous for. as you can see from my photos, my hair is in need of a colouring. the roots are showing, which is definitely more prominent when my hair is up, like today. i've been wanting to try a bright shade of copper for a while, and trying to find a shade that looks just right.  the colour i've been using for almost a year now is a copper blonde (by l'oreal preference).  after doing some online research, this mango intense copper by feria seemed very popular. and not available in canada. after some deliberation, i decided to go for it. if i do love it, i'll have to order a few boxes to keep on hand, as it's not readily available and takes about a week to get in (still fast when you consider i had to order it from the UK!!). i'm very excited to try it, but my hesitation is that next week i have a business trip, so if it does turn out super bright, i might die. or panic and redye, without getting to really see how the colour lasts/fades over time. i've considered dying my hair my usual colour now (as it NEEDS to be dyed before i go), and then waiting to try this one next time, but honestly, i'm not the waiting type of person. when something arrives, i need to use it now. if its a dress, i wear it the next day, so why should hair dye be any different??  that being said, the next time you see me, i'll be a different shade of ginger. wish me luck!

     dress: ruche (old)
     blouse: forever 21
     tights: modcloth
     shoes: chelsea crew

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