Saturday, September 14, 2013

fall favourite...

one of the outfits i look most forward to wearing in the fall is shorts with tights.  i also sometimes wear it on cool summer days, but it's such a fun way to transition from summer in to fall. today was my first time wearing it this season.  i was looking for some inspiration on how to change up my usual outfits, make them a bit more interesting and fun for me to wear.  while i've worn this outfit before, i normally did so with black tights, so opting for the red definitely spiced it up and made it more bold.

 it's been raining pretty well all week, so outdoor photos just weren't an option.  as usual, you can spot lots of kitty-cat photo bombing in the background.  dominic thought since the cats were both around and feeling photo-friendly, it was a good opportunity to grab a photo with them. my lovely ladies, chloe and lucy.

i've had these red tights practically forever, and while i love red, i've rarely worn them.  i think actually i wore them for valentines day one year, and that was it.  i felt they were too bright.  after finding some pinspiration, i changed my mind.  while i never really jumped on the Gossip Girl bandwagon, i can definitely admit that Blair's style was one i often envied.  she can pair anything with tights and look perfect. which is where my inspiration for this outfit comes from.


i'm definitely looking forward to finding more shorts and tights inspiration, and trying out new colours for this fall.

      cardigan: forever 21
      shorts: ruche
      top: borrowed (but stolen) from melissa (ruche)
      shoes: aldo
      tights: walmart

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