Friday, September 13, 2013

lovely locks...

 for months i've been obsessed with pastel hair. peach and lavender, specifically. in my younger, more daring hair days, i had bright pink and bright orange pieces (albeit not at the same time) in my hair. but that wasn't my whole head, just a few fun pieces.  nowadays, the most daring my hair gets is ombré... or a new shade of red. which i feel is always an adventure, because you just never can be sure how a new red will turn out.  

i wish i was still as daring as i was, but i feel that an almost-32-year-old administrative assistant with peach or lavender hair might just be a bit too much to handle.  

 that being said, marianne of esme and the laneway pulls off both of my favourite shades, all the while still looking classic and classy.  style and colour, i have a serious girl-crush on her her hair.  

i also think kelly osbourne's duo-tone lavender locks look completely classy.  what do you think? should i take the plunge?? peach or lavender? or is this just a recurring obsession as the result of an 80s child who watched lady lovely locks too much and wished for colourful hair??

1 comment:

  1. It's just hair, why not? You can always dye it back or have it cut. I'm betting you'll love it though :)