Monday, September 30, 2013

cowboys, coats and apples?

last week, i had the opportunity to visit New Orleans for work.  it was an amazing experience, and my excuse for slacking and not blogging.  i'm definitely hoping to get back down there one day as a vacation, with more time to sight-see (and shop).  i was surprised at the amazing little boutiques in the french quarter.  i fell in love at first sight several times with dresses, and ended up splurging on this one.  

when i first saw the dress, i didn't even bother to try it on. i figured i could go back to my hotel, google it, and find it online.  no such luck. i was shocked.  after pining over it for several days, i managed to find a few spare moments and headed back to try it on. i was not disappointed. it fits perfectly, it feels amazing on, and it's practically one of a kind (or several of a kind).  as it turns out, this little, Dollz and Dames, bought the rights to some authentic vintage prints, had the fabric remade, and then created several articles of clothing specifically for their shops (one in New Orleans, and another in California).  All of their items are also made in the US.  even better.

i can't say i ever thought i'd own a dress with cowboy print, but i have to admit that it's instantly become one of my favourites.  i'm guess i'll end up calling and asking them to ship me a dress in another pattern (there were so many to choose from!)

i also gave in and bought a new coat.  not in new orleans, but it arrived the day before i left.  i'd been looking for a light blue jackie o style of coat for the fall or winter, and this one was just what i was looking for.

i have to admit, faux fur collars and jaguar buttons aren't usually my style. but they just seemed to make this coat classier.  3/4 length sleeves... not the most practical for canada, i know... but with some opera length gloves, it should be perfect.

and as fluke would have it, my new coat and dress just seem to go splendidly together, and i can wear them at the same time... love it.

     dress: dollz & dames, new orleans
     coat: lulu's
     belt: came with another dress
     shoes: chelsea crew (same)

while taking these photos, dominic decided to investigate the apple tree... very closely.  as in climb it and pick some apples.  while not as crunchy as i like them, the apples were definitely tasty, although i may be biased since they're located in our backyard.

dominic is tasting the spoils... i do wish he'd make more of an appearance on my blog. i love being able to share stories and moments wit him.  :)

i also snapped a few photos of us as we were walking back to the house... and they ended up being some of my favourite photos of us. funny how that just happens.


  1. What so tender and beautiful photos

  2. You look like you're having so much fun in these shots!

    I'm starting a new fashion link up and I think you might enjoy it. Maybe have some fun with fashion. It's all about breaking fashion rules. And the first link up is on Oct 10th and it wearing white after labour day! Hope you'll join me :)

  3. That dress is absolutely darling on you, such a great find! And I am absolutely loving your hair color, so freaking cute!