Friday, October 11, 2013

big business.

I'm not sure how much I've mentioned about my job in past posts. I know I've shared that I work in an office... but I think that's it.  I'm a Marketing & Finance Assistant.  So while most days are spent behind my desk in the office, and my novelty dresses are okay, some days there's meetings, and looking a little more the part is more appropriate.  

 These days, putting together outfits is a little more challenging.  I definitely have some more business-style clothes in my closet, but because it's not my first choice, or what I feel most comfortable in, I really need to think through my outfit planning.  Fall and winter definitely help, because I love layers, and layering comes naturally (not that I wore the hat and scarf in to any meetings... they only made it as far as the coat rack in my office, and then they were parked for the day).  What I've discovered is that being pure-business isn't me.  While I love a classic suit with heels, and a posh bag, it's not something I feel I can pull off.  People tell me I can, but I just don't feel like me in those outfits.  I've realized that I can wear dress pants, blazers, blouses... but they need to have some layers to them, and some colour and pattern.  Once I realized this, I did manage to add a few staples to my closet.  The key, I've learned, is to keep trying and not get frustrated.  There's always a way to weave your style into any outfit.

     dress: modcloth
     hat: urban outfitters
     scarf: jacob
     tights: joe fresh
     watch: guess
     blazer: macy's
     shoes: michael kors

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  1. I love your red peplum dress!!! It looks so pretty with a striped jacket :D