Saturday, October 12, 2013

If the Jetson's were a dress...

I first saw this dress on instagram, and thought, "wow, that dress totally reminds me of the Jetson's." I didn't think much more of it than that, until I found it on sale, and thought of how fun it would feel to wear a dress that reminded me of one of my favourite childhood cartoons.  It arrived earlier this week, and it practically killed me not to wear it right away.  However, saving it just made it that much more fun when I finally did get to wear it this weekend.  In a way, I think it radiates childhood vibes, because I ended up finding The Little Mermaid on DVD while wearing it! While the style of this dress may be 50s, it definitely has 80s memories to it for me.

     dress: bernie dexter
     shoes: ruche


  1. So cute! Love the shoes as well <3 Alex

  2. Ahh I love it. Bernie Dexter can do no wrong! And these photos are super lovely!

    xox Sammi