Friday, October 04, 2013

i rock a lot of polka dots...

 ... i break for birds! i have touched glitter in the last 24 hours! and that doesn't mean i'm not smart and tough and strong! (favourite jessica day quote ever). i know, i know. enough with the new girl/zooey deschanel.  it was just because today's outfit really did make me think of that, in the sense that i've worn several polka dotted outfits this week.

today, modcloth is celebrating 'plaidurday', so naturally, i felt the need to take part. what better to wear than a vintage plaid capelet?? not to mention mixing prints is always fun.

i feel like every time i wear this dress, it's with a black belt, and black polka dot tights. i was tempted to switch up the tights today, but i figured with the plaid cape, the polka dots and plaid combination made it interesting enough without having to change it up. so i guess that'll be my challenge for the next time i wear this dress.

i bought these shoes on a whim in new orleans.  i did actually need some new black flats, as the soles on mine were about to fall off, no joke. they're several years old, and i've definitely gotten my money's worth out of them. so in new orleans, after seeing the convention center of where the trade show was going to be held, i didn't feel confident that i'd be able to wear heels for three days and walk/stand all day. i saw these shoes, and fell in love with them. i figured they'd probably come in handy, and was i right.  i wore them every day. by the end of the week, my feet were so swollen from the heat and humidity that not only did i not wear heels, but these were actually the only shoes that i could squish my feet in to.  best shoes ever purchased. and i love how the bows and little bit of gold just dress them up a tad.

     cape: gift, vintage
     dress: shop love miami
     belt: forever 21
     tights: walmart
     shoes: michael kors


  1. I LOVE that dress with those tights- adorable! And the photo location is perfect for Autumn <3 Alex

  2. Love the outfit! That dress is adorable and perfect for fall with black tights (I wear it always like that too hahaha)

    Thank you for support LSM <3


  3. I love polka dot tights! I have a nude pair with pink polka dots I never know what to wear them with!