Thursday, October 03, 2013

bluberry pumpkin...

fall is at it's peak here, with the trees all turning gold, brown and red, and the leaves starting to fall. it's my favourite time of year... the colours, the sound of the leaves crunching beneath my feet, the crispness in the air. although it's abnormally warm for october, it still cools off in the morning and at night.  today i was feeling especially fall-ish in this outfit, which reminds me of blueberries and pumpkins.

as soon as the air starts to cool down and fall is in the air, i'm reminded of random walks, window shopping, and hot apple or cranberry ciders. while i no longer live in a city, i still enjoy a hot cider, while sitting in my porch in my rocking chair, just admiring the changing leaves outside.  times may change, but passions find a way to evolve with you.

and these tights? they're the ones i wore here, and found them so bright that i was tempted to retire them. now, with this dress that has an accent of the same shade of orange in it, they just seem to blend. sometimes you really just need the perfect dress for tights.  i also felt that they matched the shade of my hair (which has drastically faded, but i'm liking the faded tone as well), mango intense copper.

as you can see below, dominic and hendrix enjoy the coolness outside, taking the opportunity to run in the fallen leaves.  these photos are so appropriate, as hendrix is dominic's shadow. 

      dress: macy's
      hat (vintage): etsy
      cardigan: ruche
      shoes: chelsea crew
      tights: american apparel
      belt: from another dress

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