Wednesday, November 13, 2013

a new dress and a long weekend...

I've recently become obsessed with Bernie Dexter dresses.  I'm openly admitting that.  I splurged on the I'm All Cheers in Sundae Best dress in the spring, and I was hooked.  The best part? She has awesome sales on her website regularly, so you can find these dresses at a bargain.

I almost bought this dress in blue, but it sold out before I had the chance.  I was hesitant on ordering this one because the colour was listed as orange, not red, but I'm so happy I chanced it.  It's definitely more red than orange, and I can honestly say it's the first dress with 'cleavage' that I actually find so flattering to wear that I'm comfortable in it.

This past weekend was a busy one, and an extra long one.  I took Tuesday off to decorate for Christmas (which you saw), but aside from that, we had two evenings out with friends. We went to a QMJHL hockey game, had dinner, played some cranium (which was hilarious, and I need to buy it).  We also went to a favourite restaurant and then a little local pub.  It was nice to have some evenings out with friends that were still pretty low key.  

We also took advantage of the nicer weather and did some yard work.  Some of our backyard is pretty overgrown with shrubs and weeds, so now that they're dying, we took some time to clear them out. Hopefully it'll give us a head start in the spring and we'll be able to cut the grass and keep them in control.  It's amazing how even a small amount of clearing makes the yard seem so much bigger!

     dress: bernie dexter
     cardigan: local shop
     shoes: bait footwear
     brooch: vintage (my grandmother's)


  1. Oh Bernie Dexter, you can do no wrong! This dress is stunning on you, and omg that vintage brooch!!! Love!

    xox Sammi

  2. Jana - Just wanted to answer your question on here, in case you'd miss it on my blog. There is a little elastic band in the red hat that you *could* wear to make it stay on, but I've found that using bobby pins (preferably the longer ones - you can find them at beauty supply stores) looks much better and works really well. I usually just secure in two places (towards the back, to make them discrete). :) Hope this helps!!

    xox Sammi