Monday, November 11, 2013

trying something new...

 I've been getting more and more brave with scarfs and bandanas.  It started that I'd just make it narrow, and tie it up like a headband (here, here and here)... then I got a bit braver, made it wider (here and here).  Now I've gone full-blown, and I have it turban-style.  I think it's a great option for bad hair days, and it can be so much more fun than just a pony-tail or a hat.

I've been on the lookout for some large square scarfs for this look, and lucked out by thrifting two on my birthday weekend.  I'd definitely still love to add more to my collection, but this one has so many colours in it that it is pretty versatile.

 I'm also loving how the scarf with the cardigan just seems to make this dress seem much more fall appropriate.  Being mint and long, I find it challenging to wear with tights and therefore make it seem more fall/wintery, but the added layers seem to do the trick. I'm looking forward to wearing it in similar styles throughout the colder months now... and perhaps it'll give me motivation for my other dresses that are also longer/full skirts, and challenging with tights.

     dress: hell bunny via modcloth
     shoes: chelsea crew via modcloth
     cardigan: local shop
     scarf: thrifted
     petticoat: american apparel


  1. Hi! You are definitely pulling off that turban!
    I took the plunge into headscarf-wearing this summer when I had to have curly hair every night for the show I was in. It would have been dreadfully tacky to go out in just my curlers, and headscarves are such a cute alternative!
    You are lovely, and that is a marvelous outfit!
    Have a wonderful day!

  2. The headscarf look is gorgeous on you! I desperately need to find more square scarves that will work. All of mine are too busy to work with my outfits. And I love how you made this dress (which I also have, hehe) work with this longer cardigan. Great for fall!

    xox Sammi