Sunday, November 10, 2013

A Birthday Treat...

Long awaited.  This dress I mean.  I've had my eye on it for months, and just couldn't seem to take the plunge. It's pricy, but not the priciest I've purchased, so I'm not sure why I was so hesitant.  I wasn't sure about the collar, or the slit in the front as a neckline, but I loved the pattern and the fit.  I mean a dress with suitcase pattern?? What's not to love? It's so novelty and unique.

For my birthday, my godson gave me a gift certificate to modcloth. He's such a fantastic little shopper, that 3 year old.  So I finally took the plunge and ordered the dress. It seriously did not disappoint.  Surprisingly, I like the collar and the neckline.  It even looks good with cardigans, which was part of my worry.  My only complaint is that the waist isn't actually at my natural waist, it's a bit too high, so without a belt, I look frumpy.  Luckily, adding a belt at my natural waist works, and it isn't obvious that it's not where the skirt of the dress actually starts. 

Confession: I bought these tights probably 3 years ago and have worn them maybe twice.  Why? The description said "navy", which is what I wanted.  Navy they are not.  They're more of a muted cobalt.  I just didn't seem to have anything that they looked good with, other than a black dress.  However, last weekend I finally got around to watching Ruby Sparks, and now I'm bright-coloured-tights brave.  I've posted several times about the difficulties of wearing brightly coloured tights, and I keep trying to wear my orange, red and teal ones.  With the help of Ruby Sparks, I managed to wear my mustard ones last week (which aren't very mustard-y), my red tights very comfortably, and today, my cobalt ones. Hopefully my braveness continues, because I have to admit, wearing bright tights this week has been pretty fun.

     dress: mocloth
     tights: we love colors
     shoes: aldo
     belt: from another dress
     suitcase: thrifted


  1. This dress is so gorgeous *_* And it looks really great on you~ Glad that you could finally get it ^^

  2. That dress is amazing! You look great.

  3. That dress is truly awesome on you. The print is perfect, and the belt must do the trick because you look anything but frumpy!!

    xox Sammi