Tuesday, November 05, 2013


I was recently looking for inspiration on how to style red tights, when I stumbled upon these two photos via pinterest.  The first doesn't actually have red tights, rather a red shirt and teal tights. While it wasn't at all what I was looking for, I found the colour combination really pretty.  The second was more of what I was looking for.  While the tights are a bit more burgundy than red, they were close enough to inspire today's out.  I even paired it with my teal coat to get most of the same colours as the first outfit!

As far as days go, it started out being one of those that I would've rathered go back to bed.  Woke up, got on the treadmill (which I've proudly been doing for the past two weeks now!), get ready... put on my dress. Two buttons are dangling, about to fall off. At this point, I have my tights on, outfit entirely picked out.  It would've taken longer to pick out a new outfit than to sew on the buttons, so sew them on I did. Then I remembered that the buttons are spaced quite far, and gaps open... Normally, I pin it closed before I put it on. Since it was already on, I pinned it (and pricked my finger several times).  Ok. Time to head out the door.  Car won't start. What? It's three years old. It *should* start.  I realize that the command start hadn't worked as well.  Fuss with that, get it started. Checked the battery at work, and it seems ok... fingers crossed I don't get myself stranded in Fredericton this week.  So that's all fine, then my boss brings in some of my favourite chocolates for everyone! Granted, there's almost always chocolates... but these are so yummy! (Kirkland dark chocolate truffles from costco!). And here I am, exercising and doing so well.  I did cave and have one. Hopefully it satisfies my craving for the rest of the week now. 

    coat/belt: ruche (old)
    dress: vintage
    tights: walmart
    shoes: chelsea crew

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  1. Yay for the treadmill! (I miss mine)

    I still haven't got to try those truffles from Costco yet. But a square of dark chocolate and almond butter did the trick for me last night! Mmmmm....

    Love the outfit! It's as pretty in irl as I pictured it in my head!