Monday, December 23, 2013

Holiday Style: Recycled Black & Gold

Yesterday was an eventful day.  It began by celebrating avery's fourth birthday, and eating too many snacks.  Especially considering that after the party, we had our first family christmas event of the year.  

dress: forever 21
shoes, necklace: modcloth
tights: chicwish
cardigan: local shop

I pulled out my new years eve outfit from last year: dress, tights and shoes. I haven't had a chance to wear the dress or shoes since, so it was fun styling them again.  I made the outfit a little less 'party' by adding the cardigan and peterpan necklace.   

Let me also mention that it has been snowing now for three days.  We definitely have our White Christmas.  I've decided that today is the perfect day (being homebound for the day) to relax and watch Christmas movies, starting with the Family Stone. Christmas week has begun, and I'm basking in it. 


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