Wednesday, December 18, 2013

christmas cherries...

I rarely wear skirts. Have you noticed? Actually, this may be the only one I wear on a 'regular' basis.  I'm tempted to buy it in several more colours, just because it seems like such a staple skirt.  I don't think I've worn it the same way twice as of yet.  I almost wore it with the same dress-as-a-top as last time, but the dress was in the laundry... so instead of wearing a strawberry dress, I opted for a cherry blouse!

I've rarely worn this shirt since the summer.  It's so odd how clothing becomes routine for seasons, especially when they aren't an actual seasonal item, like a wool sweater, or a romper.  Normally, my hesitation is not being able to pair the items with warm tights.  Like this skirt.  Pantyhose just aren't as winter friendly for these East Coast Canadian winters that we get.  I (embarrassingly) wear snow pants over them to go outdoors, even just from the house to the car, and back again.

cardigan: local shop
skirt: modcloth
blouse: forever 21

I have to say, I've been a little generous with some gifts to me from me lately.  Starting with two Besame lipsticks.  They have such great colours!! I can see me adding more in my (near) future.  Urban Decay released their Naked 3 palette, which consists of all pink-hued neutrals.  GREAT for green eyes ladies!! I snagged the Mathilda flamingo dress from collectif clothing on their amazing black friday sale, and lastly, I decided I needed some serious winter gear for the oncoming winter.  Sorel boots and a Canada Goose coat.  See what I mean? Serious gifts to me from me. 

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