Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Perfect Party Dress...

I received this dress as a Christmas gift.  I have to admit, my man has amazing taste.  He picked this out all on his own, and to be honest, I have to give him extra props because I honest hadn't even noticed it on the modcloth website.  You know how often that happens... with the oodles of dresses on their site, you just tend to overlook some.

I honestly can't rave this dress enough.  The quality is amazing.  It's a heavy lace overlay, doesn't wrinkle, fits like a glove, and is the perfect red-coral shade. Not too pink, not too orange, and just a hint of red to it.  And by fluke, it matches perfectly with my orangey-red bait spectators.  I love happy coincidences.

What else makes a perfect party dress?? The perfect twirl! And this dress also has that.  I paired it with some playful polka-dot tights, and a belt to define my natural waist. Well done on the Christmas shopping hun. Well done indeed.

     dress, tights: modcloth
     shoes: bait footwear
     belt: forever21
     lipstick: besame carmine


  1. That dress is gorgeous! Your man really did a good job! I hope you have a lovely New Year!


  2. So pretty! I love the collar and the silhouette. Major kudos to your boy!

    xox Sammi