Monday, January 27, 2014

A modified dress...

I snatched this dress up for a steal of a deal when Bernie Dexter still had an eBay shop.  I thought the colours in it were so fun and vibrant, it would make a great Christmas outfit, and still be easily remixed for a more casual look.  As with most Bernie Dexter dresses, it was too large in the chest for me, and I had to have it altered.  I figured since I was already bringing it to a seamstress, maybe I could tweak it a bit.

The original dress (which you can see pre-alterations post here) had longer, bigger sleeves.  I didn't mind them, but they definitely made it look more casual.  By making the sleeves a bit less t-shirt style and a bit more cap-sleeve, it definitely dresses it up a tad (and makes it easier to slip a cardigan over top!).

dress (altered): Bernie Dexter

I'm a little worried about the fact that my camera was obviously crooked judging from my sofa/picture... yet I still look like I'm standing straight...

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  1. What a pretty dress on you! I love the colours and the thin red belt. Very nice indeed.

    And I just posted some pictures where the camera was clearly straight but some of the objects look like they're crooked. Sort of the opposite of what happened to you! A weird angle phenomenon that I have to learn about, I guess!