Friday, January 24, 2014

mint, red & lace...

I received this dress for Christmas last year. And last year at this time, this dress was one of my go-to, everyday dresses. It's funny how an item you loved so much can get pushed to the 'back of the closet', so to speak. I still love it, but I feel like I've worn it so many times, there's no way left to be creative with it. I've paired it with navy, gray, brown, red... but then I realized that I didn't actually get around to blogging it with my red cardigan, which was my favourite accessory with it. So here it is. I did switch up the tights though: plain gray tights swapped out for gray lace-fishnets. And my red chelsea crews swapped for my mint ione's.

dress: modcloth
tights: h&m
cardigan: local shop
belt: forever 21

Mint and red are two of my favourite colours. And paired together, in my opinion, are perfection. I'm not sure if it's just me and my love for mint green, but I really can't think of a colour that it doesn't go well with! How do you pair your mints??


  1. absolutely love those tights!!

  2. that dress is very pretty and i love how you are totally rocking those tights!

  3. I never think to pair red with mint, but it looks so great!

  4. Although I really like mint as a colour, and it suits you perfectly, I cannot make it work on me. But you style it so well with red. And as for your shoes, well perhaps I could make mint work after all! Kx