Friday, January 31, 2014

An adventurous purse...

So basically, these photos are terrible. I'm fully aware. My porch has the best sunlight, but it's not heated, so it's freezing out there. Dominic was busy, so I had to use the timer on my camera, which isn't so bad, except that my first round of photos were completely blurry and not focused on me. So after I warmed up, I went back out to attempt these pictures again. And lo and behold, they aren't the greatest angle.  My dress is also bunched up at the top. However, I'm set on posting these photos of my new purse, so here they are.  

dress: lindy bop
purse: lux de ville

Who would've known a purse could turn into such a hassle? I ordered it from Lux de Ville, paid the $20 for international shipping, and sat here, (im)patiently waiting for this awesome purse to arrive. This purse had quite an adventure. It was delivered to the wrong house, after I paid the outrageous customs and brokerage fees of course.  The person was kind enough to return it, and it was finally in my hands! It was worth the wait, and the hassle, because it's so gorgeous in person. And this coming from a person who doesn't normally like sparkles and glitter! It has a perfect retro look, and I'm completely tempted to order the mint green one now. 


  1. Love this purse!
    Website Owner

  2. Truly a gorgeous handbag - which is what we call purses on this side of the Atlantic! Kx

  3. So cute, my dear! I've been eyeing Lindy Bop dresses for a while now. You look adorable, and I love the bag!

    xox Sammi

  4. Beautiful and natural Rockabilly Outift! Love this <3