Monday, February 03, 2014

Sweaters & Swedish Hasbeens...

Lately, every time we're about to take blog photos, this guy is there, sitting right by my feet. He's normally camera shy. At least, when I'm actually trying to get a picture of him, then he's camera shy.  But when he's not needed in the photo? Then he's just posing away.

This week, you may notice some new shoes in my posts. I've been wanting Swedish Hasbeens for years now, but I was never willing to pay the full price for them.  A few weeks ago, I noticed Amazon had GREAT prices on them. I decided it was finally time to order a pair! 

shoes: swedish hasbeens via amazon
sweater: Ally Hoot Vintage (etsy)
dress & earrings: ruche (old)
tights: target

I admit, I was skeptical about the clogs. Wooden soles? Comfortable? That doesn't sound right. But they actually are surprisingly comfortable. So comfortable that I actually ordered a second pair! (on amazon again, for another great price!).

I was pretty excited to find another dress to wear this sweater with! I normally paired it with my mint dress under it... but then I realized that it would be great paired with yellow too! I bought this sweater last year around this time from the lovely Marisa, and while I haven't blogged it (I don't think) I've worn it several times. It's so cute and warm, and I love how it can be paired with so many colours and patterns, and it just makes an ordinary outfit so much more fun!

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  1. You are almost camouflaged on your sofa. Fabulous shoes and great with that outfit. Lovely coloured tights too - the neutral shade of the dress really sets off the rich colour. Kx

  2. That's so cute! The first and the last picture is amazing :)

  3. These photos are absolutely dreamy. I adore that sweater!